Yoga Within

15 Jan 2011


Good news to all of you who have missed our previous workshops!!
Ekta Holistic Centre is going to hold a “Yoga Within Workshop” in January! Read on for more information:

Go deep down into your soul (subconscious mind)...... as that is the only way we can heal ourselves.....

In this 2-3 month Course, You will learn how to control all emotions, have discipline, peace of mind, have abundance, happy life, stay healthy etc.

Now you may be telling to yourself you have all those and why do you need this?

The answer is quite simple, we might think that we have all but do we really have it?

We do have dreams, but how many people dare to go for it?

We want a good job,but are you enjoying it?

We want to believe we have good life partner, are you having it?

Now ask yourself this, are you being faithful to yourself, your partner, family etc,or are you living in a big lie?

Why should you live in a lie when you have a way of making it real and truthful?

In this 2-3 months time, you will transform into a more powerful person, both physically and mentally, and you will live your life to the fullest.

If you think this is a religion or might affect your religion or belief or will affect your relationship etc.

We will be very sincere to you, the answer is YES. It will make you a better person in your religion,belief etc.

You will understand things better, and you will know how to control the person sitting in you whom you call '' I '' .

Fees: Only RM50 per class

Venue: Ekta Holistic Centre Puchong A07-18, Puchong Intan Apartment, Jalan Intan 4, Puchong Intan 47100, Puchong, Selangor.

Class : Commence on 15th January 2011 [follow with other classes on every Saturday (8 CLASSES)].

Time: 10 am -11.30 am

Contact: 012-3159 389 /

* Open for Registration until End of December 2010 *


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