Lose Weight in Easy, Healthy and Safe Way

24 March 2010


Do you wanna enjoy your food yet you find it hard as you need to maintain your weight or you wanna lose weight..

Wonder how you can enjoy all yet your weight gets lesser and lesser in healthy way? If you think this is something to do with taking Pills, exercise, message, heat therapy etc, the answer is no. So what you need to do? Just sit or lie down and enjoy guided affirmation and let your brain do it's job.

How many class should you come for?
You only need to come at least for class and for better result ''YOU DECIDE''. Stop suffering with all this fats and flap all over your body and stop suffering with diets, medication, the painful and expensive treatment which still have side effect. Here is safe and easy way.

To tell you the truth it all up to you if u come for all the 4 classes and follow to the instruction you will see the result within 6 month or earlier.

Remember you can eat whatever you want to eat if you still take care of your diet of course you will see the result within 2 month.

Is it expensive and can I get my abs flat and sexy, firm up my arms etc. The answer is ''it's cheap and yes you can have sexy body you always wanted.'' But remember it's about losing weight in healthy and drug free with no touching (massage etc).

Please hurry up as we are taking handful students only and it's this coming 24th March and the time is good also it's 8.30pm so you can take your time have your dinner and join the class. It looks so easy and good, So what's the catch here? Haha everything have a catch and the catch is ''BE ON TIME''.
Fee : RM85 (4 class excluding dinner)
OFFER : RM220(12 class and save RM35 excluding dinner)
Dinner : RM5 (per class need to inform one day before)

One sad thing is the class is in English only for now.

So what are you waiting for, easy way out to get firm and healthy.....
Call us now at 012-3159 389 to Register Now!
Or email to info@ektaholistic.com.my for enquiry.

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