Let's detox our colon in a safe yogic way for healthier skin

2nd July 2011

Who should join? people with dull skin, pimple problem, rashes, get tired very fast, can't focus, want to enjoy all kind of food, low stamina etc

Anatomy of our food passage

Colon cleansing is very important in each human being's life however many of us do not even understand and recognize it. Colon cleansing does not just refer to the cleaning of the large intestine. But the entire organs, which includes small intestine. The toxin is accumulate more in colon compare to other organs in the body. The toxin becomes thicker each day and will cause in serious intestinal problems, which is hard to be cured. There are many way’s of cleaning the colon like coffee enema, flushing, by fasting, taking herbs, juices etc. We have 5 valve in our food passage, they lose their natural function and become inefficient, gradually, the system starts to pack up. This causes auto-toxemia, a state where the body’s own wastes begin to poison our body. Symptoms of Toxemia is:- Fever, Hypotension, Rash, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Myalgia, Mucosal inflammation, Disorientation, Confusion, Hallucination and the list goes on. Poor food, sedentary lifestyles, late eating hours, habitual snacking, and dehydration, are also common reasons why the digestive system becomes inefficient at assimilating and eliminating, thus causing stomach ailments. By colon detox yoga practice will reconditions the function of the valves and eliminates all types of toxins out of the bloodstream.


Physical Body, Helps overcome digestive problems like indigestion, gas (bloated, acidity, and constipation. It tones up the liver and digestive organs and glands. It has been used in curing diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, obesity, high blood cholesterol, and also high lipid levels. It helps in keeping the immune system strong, alleviating allergies and immunological problems. It helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis and chronic inflammatory diseases. Excessive mucus is reduced – relieving asthma, chronic colds, and sinusitis. It purifies the blood, and alleviates skin problems, such as pimples, boils, and eczema.

Pranic body, by doing the colon detox it helps to recharges the Pranic body, opens up blockages from the Nadis and helping the chakra funtion. The Pranas are healed and restored, increasing the energy helps in higher consciousness.


People with high/low B.P., stomach or colon ulcer, epilepsy, puss in the ear, knee, ankle, calf pain (extreme), or gone through surgery. Ladies, during pregnancy, or periods, should avoid this . Heart patients, persons with kidney or gallbladder stones, or having weak kidneys, hernia, and gastritis ulcers, should also avoid. Not advised for persons with mental disorders, and children under the age of 15.

Date: 2nd July 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 8.00 - 10.00am

Fee: RM68

Pls do call us at 012-3159389 for more info.

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