Turning Goal into GOLD

Have you ever wondered what is stopping you in life?

You have your goal
You have your relationship
You have money
You can see all

But there's something missing!
Here is where we come in.

In our TURNING GOAL INTO GOLD, you'll learn what is missing in your life, who you are and what makes you a complete person.

When a relationship fails, we'll jump into a new relationship yet it fails again?

When business fail, we jump to something else yet it fails again?

You have all the ideas, but why do you keep failing?

Now you might think that you have tried everything in life and probably you have joined some life courses or even read some motivational books. You might wonder how this event is going to impact and change your life.

Here you will learn:-

  • What's stopping you?
  • What's missing in your life?
  • You will be guided step by step by Master Surjit Singh Khalsa and you'll learn how easy it is to change your goal into reality.
  • In the first hour of session you'll start seeing changes taking place in your life and within the first month you'll see your new self!

Master Surjit Singh Khalsa have helped many people achieve their goals and his teaching is very simple and easy to follow.

What is the benefit of joining this event?

  1. It's a 3 months course that is every Wednesday 7pm - 9pm
  2. You'll join us on Whatsapp Chat Group where you can ask questions
  3. You'll get free Yoga Classes every Saturday following your Gold Course (worth RM180)
  4. You'll get free copy of video of the course
  5. You'll get 4 guided meditation videos (worth RM600)

Some come join us this coming May 2015 for life changing course.

Your investment is only RM500!

You must be asking why we use the word ''Investment''. We invested lots of things in life and relationship but when it comes to ourselves, we'll think it's not worth.

''To know love, love yourself first'', is the quote of Master Surjit Singh Khalsa. Hence, how can we love others without the taste of love? The best investment we can invest is ourself. As long as there is us, the world will be there.

Limited Seats. (Only few seats left!)

To register for this Life Changing Turning Goal into GOLD course,
contact us at 012-3159389.

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