Class Introduction

Traditional Yoga
Practice the Ancient Teachings
Take on a journey into ancient yoga techniques passed down to us; Learn with us what it means to do and hold yoga postures the right way, and let us guide you for adjustments, if any, along the way. We will also be exploring pranayama - the ancient breathing techniques which is an essential component of yoga itself.

Traditional Yoga for Seniors & Beginners
Anyone Can Get Started with Yoga
Yoga may seem challenging at first, but that does not mean that it is an impossible feat for seniors or absolute beginners! Let us guide you slowly into the correct asanas and adjust your postures along the way. Where needed, we will also use yoga props such as blocks, straps and wheels so that you can truly enjoy the slow-paced sessions with us while you learn the art of traditional yoga.

Hatha Yoga
Put Your Body, Mind & Soul at Ease
The word ‘hatha’ can be understood as ha (the sun) and tha (the moon), making hatha yoga an art of yogic balance. Align and calm your body, mind, and soul with Hatha Yoga; Let your body flow through the movements and feel your entire body’s connection with hatha yoga’s focused movements.

Yoga Nidra
A State Between Wakefulness and Deep Sleep
Feel your worries and tension melt away with Yoga Nidra as you relax and listen to our guided meditation. Letting go of all your senses with the exception of hearing in focus, you will find yourself going into a state of peace and calm, your troubles forgotten in the back of your mind. Let our Yoga Nidra session guide you to a stress-free state today.

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