Yoga Nidra

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Yoga Nidra Yoga Class

Yoga Nidra will bring you transcendence towards a more relaxed state in your body, a fluid and flexible mind, and an increased, sharper sense of intuition. Upon your session’s completion, you will experience a calming sense of mental peace as well as an awareness of your own body, mind and soul.
Experience the different stages of Yoga Nidra with us at HypnoSurYoga as we guide you on your journey to your enhanced state of relaxation. Throughout our guided meditation session, you will learn to relax your body & your mind, perform body scans, breathing meditation, balance your emotional states and self-heal, but that’s not all.
Let your awareness flow around and through your entire body as you shift between stages of consciousness under our guidance. Experience a heightened level of deep relaxation and more for yourself today by booking your Yoga Nidra session with us.
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