1st Step into Law of Attraction

12th-13th May 2012

Strugging ? Transform Your Life !

Overcome the problems and hurdles in your family , marriage , relationshiop , health , finances , work and studies.


Harness and master your thoughts, feeling and bodies for dramatic turnarounds. Proven methods, proven success. NOT NLP, NOT hypnotism.


Anybody from 18 years up Men, Woman and Youths.

People have overcome poor concentration, low self-esteem, fears and phobis, marital discord, unmployment..... and more.


Workshop Details

Date: 12th - 13th May 2012 (2 days 1 night)

Fees: RM700

Venue: Bayu Beach Port Dickson

For Registration, kindly call,sms or email:

M: +6012-3159389    E: info@ektaholistic.com.my


Law of Attraction, what is it all about?

Law of Attraction is not a newly discovered law. It is a law long existed in this universe.

In Law of Attraction, we talk about how to attract things that we want in our life.

In Law of Attraction, we know what kind of vibrations to be sent to the universe to obtain the things that we desire.

When we talk about vibrations, most people are confused about it.

Perhaps because it cannot be seen by our physical eyes. Only to feel it, we can.

What kind of vibrations are we talking about in law of attraction?

It is simply our own thoughts.

Our thoughts create certain vibrations which will be sent out to the Universe.

The Universe will then process the vibrations which we have sent out, and deliver the events or things of the same vibrations to us.

In other words, what is happening around us is actually what is running in our heads!

Choose to believe it or not.

It is the fact that we are what we think we are! Our life is simply what ours thoughts are!

Why some people are not able to get what they want in their life?

Main reason is that,

Most of the time, we human are afraid to try new things.

Most of the time, we are worried about how to go about and what the outcomes will be.

Most of the time, we have doubts about our own ability.

Some even blame it on fate!

However, if you have fully understood how the Law of Attraction works,

You will come to know that you are fully responsible for every single event that is happening in your life!

You will realize that blaming on fate or even God is just so ridiculous!

You will soon know that nothing is impossible to achieve in this world.

Everything lies in our hands.

We will not look for help or assistance outside anymore, because everything starts from us.

And end with us.

We will start to believe in ourselves, the God in us.

During this Law of Attraction Workshop,

You will be able to learn how to remove all obstacles which are blocking us from achieving our dreams.

You will be taught on how to take away all the fears and worries which are stopping us from chasing our goals.

You will know that by being negative over spilt milk doesn’t help to improve the current situation at all.

Most importantly,

You will learn how to stay positive and have high (good) vibrations at all time.

You will have a completely different view of the world.

You will not have fear for anything, because you will soon realize that there is simply nothing to be afraid of.

You will not lose your ways no more.

You will not wonder and ponder long at the crossroads, whether to take the road less travelled or not.

You will soon transform into a completely new person, definitely a more positive one, that is.

You will be very clear about what you really want in your life.

But one thing, you have to be fully ready to accept new opportunities coming into your life!

In no time, you will find that whatever you are asking for are all coming towards you!

By applying the law of attraction,

Your wish will be the Universe’s Command.

Learn more about the application here in the Law of Attraction Workshop!

Start learning on how to place your orders to the Universe!

Start living in the world of abundance… and start living in PROSPERITY...

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