Pendulum Healing

Pendulums can be used to promote self-healing in many ways. In this process, you will seek out energies, detecting any blockages around your body. Pendulums are a great tool for your overall wellness. You can resort to pendulum healing when you are facing stressful situations, seeking guidance or just not feeling like yourself lately.
Through pendulum healing, you can find affected areas on your being, whether it’s in your body, mind or soul. A pendulum will help to pinpoint any issues in your energy field, detecting abnormalities in your energy flow and more. When you use pendulum healing to heal either your physical, mental or spiritual self, you are also improving other aspects of your being.
Pendulums are versatile tools, and you can learn how to accurately pinpoint and resolve problems within yourself with us at HypnoSurYoga. Sign up for your first pendulum healing session with us today!

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